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Emergency first aid kits to configure and use common methods
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With the increase in emergencies, increasing people's sense of safety, health, emergency kits gradually into people's lives, everyday life, travel has also gradually become essential goods! Health emergency kits often contain disinfection class, trauma stickers category, trauma type, security, medical equipment etc. In addition there are fitness massage, health testing!
Disinfection class
An iodine swab
[Product Description: This product is made of medical cotton, medical polypropylene resin hose and povidone-iodine solution composition. State Ning China Kang Jiankang emergency kits series product 0.15ml / support. The product is CE certification, the U.S. FDA and the Chinese SFDA registration certificate qualification certificate.
[Uses and Methods]: small skin abrasions, cuts, and other superficial skin disinfection. On the use of printed cotton head-color rings along the color ring broken, after the lower cotton infiltration, can in need of care and maintenance of the place clean, more convenient to use, health and safety, do not reuse.
2 alcohol prep pad
[Product Description: The cotton woven medical grade alcohol concentration of 70 to 75 percent; slim individually sealed foil packaging, moisturizing long, easy to tear by, non-corrosive, harmful to humans. Compliance with disinfection standards.
[Uses and Methods]: around the wound disinfection, relieve itching mosquito bites, disinfection of public goods to provide you with 360-degree security. History of allergy to alcohol caution, not in direct contact with the wound to avoid direct eye contact. Not suitable for mucosal disinfection.
Post-traumatic class
3 bandage
[Product Description]: Band-Aid can stop bleeding, protect the wound to prevent infection and promote healing, meanwhile, also has a small, easy to use, easy to carry, breathable performance, effective and reliable and so on. Plastered country rather use public health first-aid kit thoroughly after ethylene oxide sterilization, safety and health. With SGS test certificate, TUV (Rheinland) Company CE certification. In line with EU standards. Wound pad, dressing posted by TUV (Rheinland) Company CE certification, in line with EU standards.
[Uses and Methods]: for the more superficial wounds, wound clean and tidy, not much bleeding small wound, and the wound after wound surface disinfection posted. Plastered following cases NA: more than bandage wounds, deep wounds, bites nails, tip stabbed, has been contaminated or infected wounds, etc.
4 butterfly bandage
[Product Description]: direct contact with the wound dressing stickers must undergo a rigorous sterilization, to ensure health and safety, prevent wound infection, generally higher than ordinary butterfly Band-Aid Band-Aid big long strip for joints, etc..
[Uses and Methods]: for the tiger's mouth, elbows, joints, etc. scratches bumps. After disinfecting the wound and the wound surface attached, shall not apply Band-Aid: more than bandage wounds, deep wounds, bites nails, tip stabbed, has been contaminated or infected wounds.
5 self-adhesive dressing paste
[Product Description]: emergency first aid kits generally monolithic packaging, sterilized sealed packaging to prevent wound infection using high-quality non-woven material permeability is very good. Absorbent pad covered with omentum non-sticky, to better protect the wound, without causing damage to the wound when removability. [Uses and Methods: Please use Free stickers pasted way in order to achieve the purpose of sterile paste. The padded side facing the wound, the film gradually torn until completely smooth paste dressing on the wound.
u trauma
5 triangular bandage
[Products]: high quality non-woven material, has good absorption and permeability.
[Uses and Methods]: triangular bandage applied to a variety of large-area wounds bandaged body parts irregular wounds, is most widely applied bandage dressings. After first aid training or specialized technical training dressing responders can use it to almost any part of the body bandaged wounds.
6-speed cold ice
[Products]: external, without any pre-chilled or frozen and cold treatment, simply pinch break inside the bag, quickly cooling within three seconds, the refrigeration hold time 20-30 minutes (time in different environments barrier) non-toxic and non-corrosive .
[Uses and Methods]: find an ice pack liquid inside the package, forced pinch break inside the bag, then cooling within three seconds. Suitable for human use physical cooling and sprains, minor burns, relieve pain, fever cool, refreshing and other purposes.
7 wound sticky pad
[Uses and Methods]: can be used to clean wounds, blood-sucking, can also be used to protect the wound, placed on the wound, and then bandaged. Use slightly darker in larger wounds.
8 elastic bandage
[Products]: emergency kits usually employed PBT materials, non-toxic product set, medical, environmental protection features, high elastic soft and comfortable, the water does not affect its results. Elastic bandages are set is determined by repeated testing of human safest elasticity.
[Uses and Methods]: Accident and Emergency, a variety of training, competition, sport protection, field operations, occupational safety protection, home health care self-protection and ambulance.
9 Snap tourniquet
[Products]: Professional hemostasis products, from plastic buckle, falcon head, sealing and elastic band of four parts, the tightness can be adjusted. Easy to use.
[Uses and Methods]: for trauma with bleeding or other bleeding tightening. Easy to use, fast, do not squeeze the skin, tightening force can adjust the size and other characteristics. Use a tourniquet to remember the good times, the longest winter every half hour, every summer up to one hour to relax l / 2 minutes and then tied up. When you want to re-tie the site, down slightly moved. Of bleeding patients should tourniquet while hospital treatment as soon as possible.
10 fracture splint
[Products]: This product uses metal (aluminum) and polymer materials (cross-linked ester orange bubble film non-toxic materials) composite processing has plasticity, according to the needs of any plastic, light weight arbitrarily cut, X light may perspective, and can be used repeatedly, without limitation climate and temperature characteristics. No smell, not afraid of water washing hygiene.
[Uses and Methods]: for sudden trauma, for fixing fractures, emergency neck do drag, for fixing neck, shoulder dislocation can be used as fixed and so on. Finger fracture splint mainly used for fracture fixation fingers.
l safety class
11 artificial respiration mask
  [Product Description]: for artificial respiration, a lot of artificial respiration method, there are mouth blowing method, prone pressure back method, supine chest compression method, but with mouth blowing artificial respiration most convenient and effective. State public health products rather artificial respiration mask sterilized, plastic packaging, no smell. And through the CE certification.
[Uses and Methods]: Mainly used cardiopulmonary resuscitation, so emergency personnel and injured isolation to prevent cross-infection touch.
12 consumer fatigue refreshing stickers, stickers, and other products motion sickness
[Uses and Methods]: pharmaceutical medicine extracts are affixed to the temples or forehead, can quickly relieve brain fatigue, prevent motion sickness seasick, refreshing.
[Product Description: This product specification 3cm * 3cm * 2 stickers / bag. This product is a light, small, thin, and contained a large quantity of drugs and convenient home and travel products. This product is an aqueous gel cream face. Surface delicate, smooth, transdermal and strong, its small, light weight characteristics make head no sense. Another is covered with a layer of outer lining film, effectively blocking drugs volatile outward, allowed better penetration into the skin's surface, reaching refreshing refreshing effect.
13 cleaning wipes
[Products]: The quality of medical non-woven materials, paper, aluminum packaging has better moisturizing, non-irritating to the skin wipes, soft and comfortable.
[Uses and Methods]: applied to the skin, clean the wound surface and direct contact with the body or wounds items such as cleaning tweezers \ scissors and other items; also be used for routine public office supplies, daily necessities and interior items such as cleaning. This product can not replace disinfection supplies.
14 emergency blanket
[Products]: This product is the international emergency life-saving essential goods, a common gold and two silver, suitable for outdoor adventure, study, travel, using the event of a disaster. Small, beautiful and practical.
[Uses and Methods: In the low temperature environments, can maintain its 80% of the heat is not distributed. Strong reflective and easier to let rescue personnel found that, in fact, an essential tool for outdoor survival. In Riga sleeping bag insulation layer can enhance the ability of the temperature to sleep good. Rain rain can effectively waterproof.
15 cool stickers
[Products]: 1, the use of physical cooling, efficient cooling for up to eight hours, safe with no side effects; fever fever use can effectively relieve symptoms. Besides the usual role can also be used to cool a cool, refreshing.
Usage: After removing the gel affixed to the surface of the film's use of clean dry parts;, wounds, eczema, dermatitis and eye Do not use the site.
16 compressed towel
[Products]: the towel compression to achieve small size easy to carry and easy to use purpose, the use of water swelling, intact, non-irritating to the skin soft and comfortable, can be reused.
[Uses and Methods]: Soak in water for 3 seconds can start to use.
17 masks
[Products]: Min Kang Ning masks used in the country for three high-quality non-woven processing, molding, without spot, difficult to pull off; dust resistance rate of 91% solid material, breathable, soft texture wear comfortable, long wearing, not tight, no allergic reaction! material weight 25g 20g 25g. Quality is much higher than similar ordinary masks.
18pvc gloves
[Products]: for health care, surgical examination. Soft and comfortable to wear, all fit hand. Our special gloves for medical gloves, after sterilization by FDA, CE, NSF, and other certification.
19 Flashlight
[Uses and Methods]: for lighting. Also can be used to help the internationally accepted distress signal is SOS, namely three long three short, constantly cycle. International Mountaineering distress signal: launching flash, flashing 6 times per minute, pause one minute, then repeat signals.
20 Whistle
[Uses and Methods]:
Sound emitted when a distress signal distress, is three short, three long, repeated sound short, repeated after an interval of one minute.
l Medical Devices
21 medical tweezers
[Products]: medical tweezers based on zoning good variety, first aid kits emergency kits and more commonly used for dressing forceps pinch, tweezers length of 12.5cm is a professional standard of medical tweezers, forceps is more conducive to the use of round safety, tweezers medial head of a shallow trough to increase friction, grip items not falling.
[Uses and Methods]: mainly used for a variety of medical dressings clip, holding the skin and soft tissue to prevent infection.
22 medical tape
[Products]: adhesive medical tape for sensitive medical grade lower than the pressure of acrylic plastic.
23 medical scissors
[Features]: emergency package of medical scissors and ordinary scissors have a small pair of scissors, for security point of view and use our steel bandage scissors for professional scissors, round design can effectively prevent accidental damage. No sharp edges bandage scissors, cut bandage on the bite force.
[Uses and Methods]: Professional bandage scissors, can not be used for cutting other hard substances.
24 thermometer
[Uses and Methods]: a common mercury and electronic health emergency package mostly electronic thermometer. Practical convenience, the measurement time is short and so on.


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