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Car warning triangle you use it correctly?
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"FY-2 high-speed accident" incident while ago aroused heated debate, we in addition to denounce LaCrosse and CC driving in the emergency lane and fast lane leading to the rear of the vehicle, while a serious accident, this accident is an important "guide fire cable ", that sets parked in the emergency lane and not in accordance with the requirements placed warning signs (that is popular warning triangle) red Mazda 6 should arouse our attention! If it is in accordance with the requirements placed behind the rear there is a warning sign that the accident might not have occurred.
Car warning triangle you use it correctly?
After this incident, I asked around within the company to drive colleagues, ask them if they understand how many meters of the vehicle warning triangle should be placed in the car after the distance, answering result is varied: there is to say on the vehicle after 3-5 meters; has put Zhai yuan said 200 meters from the vehicle; also said placing warning signs 500 meters from the car ...... want. It seems like this and seat belts, the more things that can save your life nobody more concerned about, well, today we talk about the warning triangle in the end how to use.
Step 1: Find it! It is actually "hidden" in what?
Warning triangle exactly "hidden" Where? Now, when the 4S shop in PDI has a program is to inform the location of various parts of your vehicle, including informed Triangle, fire extinguisher these important parts of the position. Of course, even if the person 4S shop had told you place the warning triangle, there will be a majority of the owners forget to put on after which.
Car warning triangle you use it correctly?
At present, most of the models in the sale of domestic position warning triangle placed no more than these types: the inside of the trunk lid; trunk under the cover plate or directly on the trunk. Here in particular to say to put in the trunk under direct kind of warning triangle, we recommend that you give warning signs of the case with Velcro to handle it, so that it can "stick" trunk cover plates do not "run around" , so you play it the next time with the first time can be found.
Step two: how to make it "stand up" (how to put together)
Found warning triangle but does not spell ......, do not worry, this stuff is very, very Haonong. Because it is a triangular shape, and has the triangle two "waist" and even the bottom up, you have to do is to link the two triangles became waist.
Car warning triangle you use it correctly?
Completion of the above operations were completed only the first step, the next step is to expand the stent. Warning triangle has a bracket, you started to become.
A good Triangle should be complete and stable on the ground, while some poor workmanship Triangle simply can not be stable on the ground, and even the bracket are designed to be very simple, simply can not play a strong supporting role, If you are unfortunate encounter this product please use the time with things like bricks and then fixed it.
The third step: how to correctly place the (very important)
How to put the key in this article, but also you do not know how to place proper warning triangle students must look at, please optimistic about the following text, which would you play a decisive role in the future of security in the event of an accident on the road.
1, how many meters to put the car?
In general the city during the day when the loop warning signs should stand at 50 meters of the car where the highway will have to sort out if it is in the 150 meters after the car place (about 200 steps adult distance); If it is in the black days, city ​​Loop experiencing vehicle breakdowns, we need to set up warning signs at 100 meters after the car place, while in the high-speed road will have to set the position in 250 meters (about 300 steps of adults walking distance)
Car warning triangle you use it correctly?
Warning triangle correct placement distance
Black day by day
City Loop 50 m 150 m
Highway 150 m 250 m; fast road

Car warning triangle you use it correctly?
You have to hold your hands outside the warning signs, reflective face, always walk in the direction the car set up warning triangle of time, this is especially at night after lights reflected light onto the Triangle earlier after the last car to take necessary precautions to remind, Of course, you must take after an accident double flash warning lights turn on in the car!
2, on the road in what position?
Make sure you put the correct distance corresponding to the lane where the vehicle, warning triangle's role is to pay attention to the front of the car after the reminder in this lane are traffic accidents, please bypass advance. Do not dry out the kind of car parked in the middle of the road accident, yet the warning label on your outermost or innermost lane silly thing.
Car warning triangle you use it correctly?
If your car is faulty in a hill can not be moved, then you must take the warning signs placed in an accident on a hill or slope is low, so as to prompt the car after the early attention, because the vehicle traveling in the slope of the road will have blind spots If you are now warning label on the ramp, it is lost in advance to remind the car note functions. So remember, the pathway to the accident warning label on its base or the top of the hill.
Car warning triangle you use it correctly?
Car warning triangle you use it correctly?
More pay special attention to the detour driving accident, be sure to place the warning triangle on the road in front of you into the corners, because the detour driving car driver if you do not set up by the roadside, "convex" is unable to see the front bend situation tract, so to warning signs on the road in front of the facade of the corners, that the vehicle slow down to avoid the car unable to get tips lead to "secondary accidents" happen.
To sum up:
Summarized in three sentences under the bar! First, do your homework usually know the location of warning signs; Second, the correct distance is 50 meters placed 1,3,5 times; third, hill and curve warning signs placed in advance.
Car warning triangle you use it correctly?
Well, after reading the article please check under their own warning triangle can not be found, if there is no one to buy it, it is best to buy a kind of energy self-luminous warning signs better, do not use your car those little toys like the act warning signs. Well, the most important point, exhausted after warning triangle thing to remember back, buy a good quality Triangle also have more than 100 pieces of it.


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